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In the BeaverCoin Wheel each user has the opportunity to win a few BeaverCoins. The spinning is completely free, and can be done once per visitor per hour.

The goal of the Wheel is to give the visitors with some luck a few BeaverCoins. So is made possible a fast start in the cryptocurrency. Larger amounts of BeaverCoins can however be earned on the Mining Pool.


Support the BeaverCoin Wheel with your donation. All BeaverCoin donations go directly into the wheel wallet, and be used for future prizes: B71JEmgkoVTj9mTzzV7yvFHMTWyyutDWBX

In addition, it is possible to donate into the jackpot. The reviced coins will go to the next jackpot winner: BNrXWPh6m9tkK8DRhhQ4EoPeYiajQrJzSp

Note: 6 confirmations are required before the coins are visible in the Wheel.

Is the BeaverCoin Wheel classified as gambling?

No, the BeaverCoin Wheel is not gambling according to legal definition. Instead, it is classified as a raffle, because the users can not make inserts, and can only win something for free but do nothing lose.


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